Many thanks to last summer’s athletes! Our field of runners hit the road to bring educational services to children and youth impacted by homelessness.
Looking back at the runners who help to support our mission.
Thank you to all who joined in 2023! Betty & Maui Stayed In the Yard in 2020And Took Home the Prize!
Letter from Lindsay Opper to her mom, Cheryl Opper, founder and executive director,School on Wheels of MassachusettsNovember 16, 2017 In 9th grade, my mom brought in a new family member to live...
The 100 Families Challenge is an opportunity for families to help support the education of School on Wheels’ students by raising $100 to provide tutoring, backpacks and school supplies to children impacted by homelessness. This...
Our friend, Tony, sent this note to us – “ Is the course the over grass, dirt and rocks or is it on tar/paved pathway? Either way is fine, and the off-road...
The Myles Family was up to the Challenge. These industrious kids decided to raise $100 to meet the School on Wheels 100 FAMILIES CHALLENGE This is a matching gifts program which asks...
The School on Wheels Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was held on April 10, 2013 at the Maplewood Country Day Enrichment Center.This is an annual event attended by SOWMA staff, volunteers, and program partners...