You Can Help Change Lives At Any Age

At our recent Outrunning Homelessness fundraising event, we had the good fortune to meet a third grader named Joseph. At only 9 years old, Joseph is an avid participant in fundraisers and road races, and he took the time to fill out our questionnaire so we could get to know him a little better.

NAME: Joseph

AGE: 9


SCHOOL: Morrison School in Braintree, MA

FAVORITE HOBBY: Boxing, swimming, running, biking and playing the drums


HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT SCHOOL ON WHEELS? Through my dad’s aunt, Janice.

I have been involved in many fundraisers and road races, such as:

  1. Sprint for Super Saturdays for children with special needs (done this twice!)
  2. Saint Patrick’s Day Run for the Gold
  3. Turkey Run for cancer research (done this twice!)
  4. The Run for Charlotte
  5. Morrison 5k
  6. Kyleigh’s Cure 5k for childhood cancer (I will be running this one again in a few weeks!)

FUTURE PLANS? The next race I will be running is the Hollis 5k in late June, which supports the Braintree public schools. I also plan on running Outrunning Homelessness for School on Wheels again next year and am hoping to do a fundraiser for this cause.

Joseph’s mother says, “He is an amazing boy who has an incredible heart. He is always thinking of others and fully understands why he does these races. He says, ‘Not only is it fun but I am helping other people who need help.'”

Whitney Coy, in her article titled “Raising Philanthropic Kids” states “Our children are our future, so teach them now to make a positive impact on the world. Show them how to help others and give back to the community, and they’ll reward you — and their communities — with a lifetime of giving. Raising philanthropic children may not be easy, but it’s well worth your time.” Joseph’s dedication his young age is an inspiration to all of us at School on Wheels!