Third Grade Students Spearhead A Book Drive To Help Other Kids

The third grade students at the F.L. Olmsted and H.H. Richardson Schools in Easton are holding a book drive to benefit School on Wheels. The third graders worked to get the word out with posters and they have asked for donations. Over 600 books have already been collected and the project is not yet over. Their goal is to raise over 1,000 books! On Wednesday, February 13, 2013 students in Mr. Higgins’ class (with some siblings from fourth and fifth grade) visited with School on Wheels of Massachusetts.

Our gratitude to Mrs. Tagliamonte, parent volunteer, for providing photos and details for us to share with you!

Who decided that School on Wheels would benefit from this year’s community service project? (was there a vote? )
My son is in 3rd grade at HHR and it was his teacher, Mr. Higgins’ idea.

Why do YOU think School on Wheels is a good organization to support?
I think it is perfect because it is so relatable – without being too much. They were excited to be given a project that was so tangible and that they could understand so well (kids need books. we can get some.) and really help with. They also enjoy the fact that they are doing something for kids. It made them feel good to think they were helping peers with something that they really know – school and reading and things that they themselves are working on.

Did the students who came to our operations center enjoy their visit? Can you tell me what any of them said when they returned to class about their visit?
I think they enjoyed themselves and liked how clear the directions were so that they knew what to do and felt like they could accomplish it (get a list, check off all the items and put in the backpack).

More importantly, I feel it opened their eyes to need that they have never seen before too. My son kept asking questions like: “If they don’t have books, do they at least have a bike? What about toys?” and “Do they have a room of their own where they are staying or does the whole family share?” and then the inevitable “The WHOLE family shares?” I could tell he was really trying to process it.

What did YOU think about your visit?
I felt that the staff was INCREDIBLY welcoming and open to the idea of the kids coming to help and about teaching us what they are trying to do. They seemed extremely genuine. As a matter of fact we liked it so much that we have been back since our visit with 5 kids delivering bags of school supplies on our own too! I think we/I might be hooked.

You can tell me anything else you would like to about your class, your teacher, or this project.
So far the kids have made it a school-wide project. They made posters that are up all over the school and collected over 600 books. Mr. Higgins has books EVERYWHERE and they are even piled up in the hallways.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate and even better, to involve the kids as well.

Sincerely, Regis Tagliamonte

We are very grateful to the teachers, students and parents who have helped us provide academic support to our students whose lives have been impacted by homelessness.