2023 Soaring Scholar Recipients Announced

Congratulations to the 2023 and 2022

School on Wheels of Massachusetts (SOWMA) announced the innaguration of the “Soaring Scholars” scholarship program in 2022. The scholarship was made possible by the generosity of Bill and Annmarie Harlor of Norton after serving as mentors themselves, and seeing how mentees thrive with caring guidance. The student recipients during the first two years – 2022 and 2023 – are high school or post-secondary students enrolled in our Bridge Mentoring Program.

The Bridge Mentoring Program provides educational support and resources to Massachusetts high school and college-aged students facing homelessness – and matches those students with a reliable mentor.

In the first two years of the scholarship program, more than $38,000 in scholarships have been awarded to students in need.

Bill and Annmarie Harlor initiated the scholarship program after being introduced to SOWMA two years earlier by Founder, Cheryl Opper. The Harlors volunteered with SOWMA as mentors and after seeing the success of students, pledged $50,000 over four years to initiate scholarship funding. The Harlors ask family and friends to help support the scholarship.

“These students are growing up in really tough circumstances,” said Annmarie Harlor. “They just need the guidance and support that the Bridge Mentoring Program provides,” she said.

“The best part of this is actually meeting the students and learning the tough hand they were dealt.  They are driven, resilient, highly motivated and grateful for the support,” said Bill Harlor.  “It really is inspiring to talk with them and learn their story,” he said.

Director of the mentoring program Brittany O’Hare added, “The opportunity these scholarships present to our students is life changing. Some of the recipients would not have been able to continue with their current educational journey without these funds. These students are incredibly grateful!”

Local businesses supporting this scholarship program include Gerry Abbott Realtors and Mogul Realty of Mansfield, IGolf Easton and SHP Financial of Plymouth.

2022 Bridge Mentoring Soaring “Scholars” Recipients