What A Night

The Loiuson Center was awesome tonight! We had perfect attendance for both the tutors and the students and everyone was on time!

The kids worked on their writing contest projects after doing their homework. Ilana made a cool poster and wrote a story about 10 bunnies. She was so proud of her project.

Liza loved her new backpack! Her eyes lit up like saucers when she saw it. She unzipped every zipper and counted every pocket twice.

Not only did Liza’s eyes light up when she saw her new backpack her spirit lit up too. Liza said she wished she could go to school right then so she could show her teacher and her friends her new leopard backpack!

James, the cutest kindergarten student you have ever met melted all of us when he sang his ABC’s and counted to 100!

It was a magical night at the Louison Center. It definitely reaffirmed why I started School on Wheels out of my home 10 years ago.