Thanks To W.B. Mason, Our New Backpacks Are Filled!

Recently, we received our yearly delivery from W.B. Mason of much-needed school supplies for our students. We are extremely grateful for W.B. Mason’s generosity and continuous support of School on Wheels of Massachusetts!

Thanks to W.B. Mason, our new backpacks are filled with all of the school supplies a child needs for school. We want every student to have the resources they need to be successful in school. W. B. Mason makes this possible for hundreds of children impacted by homelessness.

W.B. Mason’s donation included: Hundreds of scissors, notebooks, colored pencils, markers, highlighters, filler paper, pens, folders, index cards, erasers, pencil sharpeners, scientific calculators, pencil boxes, and binders.

For the last 5 years W. B. Mason has donated school supplies for hundreds of children in our state who have no homes in which to do their homework. Starting the school year with a brand new backpack filled with quality supplies makes a world of difference for a child who has so little.Our students have told us that having a new backpack filled with everything they need for school makes them feel like a “normal” kid.

“I wish you could see the children’s faces light up when we deliver the new backpacks to the shelters and motels.The children carefully remove each school supply like it is a wrapped present. Not only are the children excited about their new backpacks, so are their parents. One little girl was so excited about her new backpack she tucked it in bed with her stuffed animals and kissed it goodnight.” -Cheryl Opper

Thank you W.B. Mason for helping hundreds of students get ready to start the new school year! Who but W.B. Mason can make children’s dreams come true!