Many Thanks for “Dreaming Big!”

Our November 10, 2022 “dream Big” Gala was a tremendous success, thanks to our sponsors, donors and village of volunteers.

For a full recap of the event, click to visit our Gala Page

Some of our volunteers included:

Melissa Tait, Erin Richardson and Michelle Bramwell
Lisa Smith, Regis Tagliamonte, Tricia Connolly
Lesley Anderson, Elizabeth Nagarajah, Erin McGuire and Carol Ashton
Volunteer Photographers
Led By Sam Brooks of Golden Hour Photography
Josh Murphy, Sam Brooks & Emmalee Bent

And the following evening volunteers…

Martha Amara

Belinda Ancion

Armanda Britton

Samantha Buchanan

Betsy Drougen

Darlene Lafrance

Carol Augustyniak Marcus

Dr. Carine Savignon

Christine Williams

Jenny Williams

Natasha William

Click for an Evening Recap, Our ‘Dream Big” Video

And a Message From Our New Board Chair, Athena Giannaros