From Shelter To Dorm Room

Lorenz began working with School on Wheels in the spring of 2012, during his senior year in high school. He moved to the United States in 2007 with his father and stepmother; after some difficult times, Lorenz, his sister and stepmother became homeless. They were sent to live in the Super 8 motel in Somerset.

Lorenz was living in the motel when he entered his senior year at Brockton High School. Living in Somerset, Lorenz was forced to ride in a van 50 miles to and from school every day. Unable to participate in clubs, play sports, or stay after school for extra help due to his commute, in December 2011, Lorenz made the difficult decision to move to the MainSpring single men’s shelter in Brockton, to be closer to his school.

At Brockton High, Lorenz took a bank training class and was awarded the “All Star Teller of the Semester”. Lorenz graduated from Brockton High School on June 1st, 2012 with perfect attendance despite his lengthy commute. The following fall, Lorenz enrolled at Massasoit Community College. Lorenz received a 3.8 GPA his fall semester and made the Dean’s List. To recognize his achievement, School on Wheels nominated Lorenz for the Bridgewater Scholars program at Bridgewater State University. After an interview process Lorenz was accepted as a BSU scholar! He will be starting there in the Fall 2013 with a full scholarship. He is interested in majoring in communications.

Lorenz currently works 7 days a week at 2 jobs in order to pay for school and his expenses. Next year as a BSU Scholar, Lorenz will be able to work less so he can play sports and join clubs on campus just like a normal college student. Lorenz said he felt all alone during his senior year in high school until his guidance counselor introduced him to School on Wheels. He met our Student Advocate, who helped him sign up for the High School Plus program. School on Wheels of Massachusetts has assisted Lorenz through its High School Plus program. We helped him apply to Massasoit, fill out his FAFSA, provided monthly bus passes to get to school, and purchased his books. After nominating him for the Bridgewater Scholars program, we helped him prepare for his interview and are helping him with the transfer process. We are so proud of what he has accomplished! Earning his awards in high school, earning an impressive GPA and becoming a BSU scholar are all true testaments to Lorenz’s hard work, perseverance and his commitment to his education.

With the continued support of our donors, tutors and staff, School on Wheels of Massachusetts can ensure that students like Lorenz have the support and resources they need to reach their full potential.