Rudy Dajie

CEO, Grey Properties, LLC; Strategic Advisor & Investor; former CEO, Apothecare

Rudy Dajie is the founder and manager of Grey Holdings, a commercial real estate portfolio based in Greater Boston. In addition to his work managing this portfolio, he plays an active role as a developer, in which he identifies assets with strong value and income potential for purchase and redevelopment. In addition to his real estate portfolio, Rudy is an investor in, and advisor to, varied health care and technology businesses. He advises CEOs on business growth and expansion and is the former owner and CEO of Apothecare Pharmacy LLC, a large institutional pharmacy serving residential care providers. A resident of Easton, Mass., Rudy is active in his community and cares deeply about serving neighbors in need. He serves as an advisor to nonprofits and is a member of the boards of multiple nonprofits. He is a registered pharmacist who holds a doctorate in pharmacy from MCPHS University.

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