Volunteer Spotlight: Rockland Trust


It's All in the Family at Rockland Trust, whose staff joined us throughout the summer
to help prepare an unprecedented number of students for the start of the school year.

Many thanks to fourteen energetic groups (86 volunteers) of Rocklanders, who arrived weekly this summer
with big smiles - and children and pups in tow - to donate school supplies, customize backpacks
and keep up with the checks and balances of our inventory! 

It was a great opportunity to meet the people who stand behind the motto,
"Where Each Relationship Matters." 

Thank you for paying forward the gift of education - and ensuring that all
students arrive at school feeling valued, prepared and ready for success!

Educate Kids . Empower Families . End Homelessness

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Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 2023


Many thanks to all who celebrated our 2023 volunteer champions on

Thursday, June 15th at the Thorney Lea Golf Club.

Volunteers are the heartbeat of our mission and this annual dinner

celebrates those who have gone above and beyond

~ and given their heart ~

to benefit our students and mission. 

For a photo recap of the evening click here 



Shout out to our board of directors, donors, tutors, mentors, community volunteers
and staff - who gathered to celebrate the spirit of giving.

For a photo recap of the evening, click here 

Educate Kids . Empower Families . End Homelessness

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Finding Magic with Tutor Deb Beaton


“You can find magic wherever you look. 
Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!”

Some days are just hard.  Days when you simply need that touch of magic described above by Dr. Seuss.

Yesterday Rosie* arrived at her tutoring session - and at the sight of her volunteer tutor Deb - began an inconsolable, tear-filled accounting of her day at school.

With her backpack flung absentmindedly over her shoulder, Rosie just slumped and it was clear to Deb that tackling homework wasn’t a first priority. 

First Deb listened; and then they talked. 

Then they read a book. 

Thank you to all of our volunteer tutors, who donate time and magic to students,

who sometimes just need a shoulder to lean on. 

*not her real name

Educate Kids . Empower Families . End Homelessness

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Patriot's Day Service!


Girl Scout Troop 82350 from Foxboro, MA
began their school vacation by spending the day helping others.

The Troop recently won the Partners in Patriotism award and used the award money
to purchase school supplies for peers facing homelessness and poverty.

During their stay, they tuned into the Boston Marathon to cheer on the runners!

Educate Kids . Empower Families . End Homelessness

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In Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.



On Monday, January 16th we welcomed parishioners, families,
daisies and brownies from the town of
Easton, Massachusetts.

The groups spent the day giving back to those in need
and in honor of the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Thank you to Easton's Covenant Congregational Church,
Daisy Tropp 77316 and Brownie Troop 70854. 

Educate Kids . Empower Families . End Homelessness

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Many Thanks For "dreaming Big!"


Our November 10, 2022 "dream Big" Gala was a tremendous success, 
thanks to our sponsors, donors and village of volunteers. 

For a full recap of the event, click to visit our Gala Page 

Some of our volunteers included: 

Melissa Tait, Erin Richardson and Michelle Bramwell

Lisa Smith, Regis Tagliamonte, Tricia Connolly

Lesley Anderson, Elizabeth Nagarajah, Erin McGuire and Carol Ashton

Volunteer Photographers 
Led By Sam Brooks of Golden Hour Photography 

Josh Murphy, Sam Brooks & Emmalee Bent 

And the following evening volunteers ... 

Martha Amara

Belinda Ancion

Armanda Britton

Samantha Buchanan

Betsy Drougen

Darlene Lafrance

Carol Augustyniak Marcus

Dr. Carine Savignon

Christine Williams

Jenny Williams

Natasha William




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