We were honored to have Professor Silver and his amazing students from his Sociology 202: Charitable Giving class at Framingham State University visit our operations center.  It is always a thrill to be in the presence of young adults who are involved in making a real difference in our society. 

As we officially turn 10 on April 20th, I wanted to share how your support is changing the lives of our students. In the past 10 years we have served over 1,700 children and helped 33 students enroll in college.

I still get goose bumps each time I share a story about one of our amazing kids!

There is no way we can begin to understand what our students have endured losing their home, sometimes their families, and their entire support system. Against all odds our kids are not only surviving, they are shining their light out into the world!

Last night at the Lousion Center, a 7th grade girl named Alisha, asked if the tutors get paid to come and help them. I explained to her that the tutors volunteer their time to come and work the students. She said, “Why would people volunteer their time to work with kids. I would never do that.” The tutor Alisha was working with told her why she volunteers her time but the 7th grader still did not understand why people would do that.

How do you make a great fundraising Race and Walk even better? If you’re the non-profit organization, School on Wheels of Massachusetts (SOWMA), you start by setting your goals higher every year. You do this because you know that every additional dollar raised translates into academic support for more children impacted by homelessness.

A heartfelt testimonial from a member of the School on Wheels of Massachusetts' Board of Directors: 

This is why, regardless of other practical considerations, I continue to support SOWMA with my time, skills, and also financially:

During February school vacation, SOWMA's Commonwealth Corps members, Sana and Stephanie, assisted our families with a homemade kaleidoscope project. 

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