A Future Full of Hope

“Excuse me, what is your name?”

Stevie locks his clear green eyes on mine and listens. He looks upward to visualize the letters in my name as I spell it for him. He is a first-grader who’s very excited about his newest skill: reading.

At six years old, Stevie is living at the Harbour House Family Shelter in New Bedford with his father and four-year-old brother. At just six, he’s lost much: his mother, his home, and belongings. His treasures—like transformers and books—are all in storage. Yet, despite the trauma he has experienced, Stevie is charming, polite, and inquisitive.

Each week David Brooks, a School on Wheels tutor, meets with Stevie to help him with school work. They focus on Stevie’s interests, which include sharks and drawing, as well as areas where he needs help. I asked Stevie what he works on with his tutor. “Reading and math, mostly,” he answered. “I’ve already read three whole books,” he adds, feigning nonchalance, but I can tell he’s quite proud. Brooks has made a commitment to see that Stevie does not fall behind in his learning. “He’s extremely bright,” Brooks observes. “Once Stevie warmed up to tutoring, he became an absolute pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t change it for the world.”


David, Stevie’s father, is fiercely proud and supportive of his respectful, well-behaved sons. It’s imperative to him to build for his boys a strong foundation to grow to be healthy, productive adults. He realizes that educational support from School on Wheels is an important resource to ensure their academic success. David appreciates the positive, long-term impact of the stability of SOWMA’s support following the loss and trauma his boys have endured. “There’s no point in blaming the world for things that have happened to you,” he believes. “You have to focus on your blessings and work with all you have. That’s what School on Wheels is helping me do for my kids.”

Working on his own goals to move his family beyond homelessness, Stevie’s father feels relieved knowing that School on Wheels is dedicated to empowering his young family through one-on-one tutoring and mentoring.

Their future is full of hope and promise.

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