SOWMA Hosts Game Nights for Families Living in Hotels

Family Game Night

Sadly, there are close to 400 families experiencing homelessness across the South Shore that are calling a hotel room their temporary home. With family shelters filled to capacity more and more homeless families are living in hotels for longer periods of time. Each family shares a single room with a mini refrigerator and very little space to keep their possessions. The children are not allowed in each other’s rooms and the parking lot is their playground. School on Wheels of Massachusetts will be hosting Family Game Nights during school vacations in area hotels on the South Shore. Game night provides an opportunity for children and their families to socialize; relax and have some fun despite their circumstances and the cold winter days.

With your help, we've collected 400 new games to ensure each child has a game to take back to their room to play with their family. Our kids are thrilled to pick out a new game that belongs to them!

Family Game Night Jenga

Please check out our Amazon wish list to view a list of suggested educational games. Pick out your favorite game or child’s favorite game to donate and make a difference for homeless children in your community. 

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