Mikayla Presents with Pride in Randolph

School on Wheels began tutoring students at a new site in the Randolph Community Middle School in October. Sixth grade students were assigned a project where they needed to do a biographical presentation which included not only writing about the person and displaying pictures and text on a poster board, but also dressing up as the person during their presentation.

SOWMA student Mikayla chose to research Whitney Houston for her project. During her session, tutors worked with her to construct the writing element with pictures included. She saved her work on a flash drive that SOWMA provided so she could take it with her. "Together we worked on her writing, and several of us—two tutors, the school's homeless liaison and I—all brought in dresses for her to wear during her presentation," recounts Mary Briggs, the SOWMA Site Coordinator at Randolph. She chose an elegant black, beaded dress and Mary gave her a crystal bracelet to wear. "She was very thankful and went right for the fancy black dress!" says Mary.  Mikayla presented her project to her class on Friday, October 31.

 When we met again, we were all anxious to hear how her presentation went. Mikayla said she was nervous and her hands were shaking as she presented her project, but that it went really well and she was so thankful to us for our help. I told her that it was great practice for her to speak in front of the class even though she was nervous, because the more she does it, the easier it will be in the future. She agreed!

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