A Student Shines with SOWMA's Support

Despite the challenges of being homeless and living with her family in one room, Sam is determined not to let it impact her education. "If anything, she feels she needs to work harder to prove something to herself," says her tutor, Jennifer Gold. "Her academic success heightens her sense of self-worth and empowers her." Sam surpassed her required summer reading goal of 3 books, reading 8 including The Book Thief and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. 

Sam is a 12-year-old 7th grader attending middle school in Brockton, who has been in the School on Wheels tutoring program at the David Jon Louison Center since March 2014. Sam is a very special person who strives to exceed academic goals. She is intrigued and curious about the School on Wheels program and how it works. She's always investigating, asking her tutor questions like, "How do we get iPads?" "How do we get backpacks?" She is amazed that 250 tutors are willing to volunteer their time, and that so many others donate time, money and supplies to prepare fully-stocked backpacks for the hundreds of children whom SOWMA serves. Sam is just one child who benefits from the generosity of SOWMA supporters, who encourage her to reach her full potential, in school and in life.

"Sam loves SOWMA," says Gold. "Not just because we give her things…. I think she is truly humbled by what we do and why we do it." She looks forward to being a part of the SOWMA team as a tutor some day, and to have an opportunity to give back to her community and help other children move beyond homelessness.

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