Outrunning Homelessness 2015 - Instructions for Participants

From Dennis Harkins, Director, Outrunning Homelessness 5K Road Race and 2.6 Mile Family Fun Walk

I want to answer some FAQ’s that I’m sure you all have as the event gets closer. 
  • The event is rain or shine. 
  • Please carpool when possible. Parking is limited in the main lot at Borderland and we are expecting a larger than normal turnout. 
  • Check-in and day-of registration begins at 8AM. Please arrive at that time to pick up bib numbers, t-shirts, or to register if you know someone that is doing same-day registration. 
  • Pre-registered individuals will go to the “Pre-Registration” Tent, on the left side of the open field when looking at the Ames mansion from the parking lot. 
  • If you have any questions about the locations of registration, etc., please seek out one of our event managers, who will be wearing bright pink shirts, or volunteers, who will be wearing bright safety green shirts. 
  • Same day registration also begins at 8AM. Individuals will register in the “Day-of Registration” check in area, also on the left side of the open field when looking at the mansion from the parking lot. 
  • Only individuals register at “Day-of Registration” that are NOT affiliated with a team. 
  • If you are adding members to a team, same day registration for teams are located in the “Team Check-in” area. Your team name will be on a sign above the tent. 
  • Team Registration check-in is separate. Please go to the “Team Check-in” area if you are affiliated with a team to get your bib numbers, t-shirts, and add participants to you team. It will be located to the right side of the open field when looking at the Ames mansion from the parking lot. 
  • As stated online, those who registered as individuals by 4/1 receive a free t-shirt. Team members who register with their team by April 1st also receive a free t-shirt.
  • T-Shirt sizes are by what you indicated online or on your forms. 
  • Start time for runners is at 9AM
  • Start time for walkers is directly after the run, at about 9:10AM
  • Start and finish lines are not in the same place, but very close and both start and end in the open field in front of the Ames Mansion. 
  • The run is chip timed (using bib chips) by RaceWire. You’ll be given your bib number when you register/ check-in. 
  • Parking is located at 259 Massapoag Ave, Easton, MA (main entrance to Borderland State Park.) Follow the signs and cars, our volunteers and DCR Park Rangers are here to assist you. 
  • The event is staffed to open at 8AM. PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLIER THAN 8AM TO GET PARKING. Accommodations will be made by our DCR Park Rangers to get everyone a place to park. 
  • If you have a year-pass from the DCR, please bring that. If you do not have a year-pass, a “day” parking pass will be given to you by one of our volunteers, so you do NOT need to pay for parking for the day. 
  • The course is off road trails. Please familiarize yourselves with this 5K map and 2.6 Mile Walk map. 
  • Children’s activities will be held after the event, thank you to the MOMs Club of Easton for putting together some fun activities for the kids! 
  • Stop by the "Are You Up for the Challenge?" table after your run/walk to get your free SOWMA wrist band and learn more about School on Wheels of Massachusetts! 

Thanks again, and we’ll see you tomorrow morning starting at 8AM at Borderland. 

Dennis Harkins 
Race Director, Outrunning Homelessness

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