We Are The Future

John Hoagland, a former School on Wheels of Massachusetts (SOWMA) Board member, started tutoring with SOWMA in 2009.  Sem, has been working with John for the past year and a half. 

John and Sem agree that they spend the most time during their tutoring sessions working on improving Sem’s math skills. John recalls a particular tutoring session with Sem: “One of the fun moments that I remember from last year was when I had Sem do the times tables every week from 1 to 15 as a warm-up to work on his basic math skills. One Monday, after he had finished the drill he sat back and said, ‘Wow, my brain is tired because you are making me think!! ‘ I looked at him and said, ‘Yes, that is what these sessions are about!! ‘”

Sem says that he and John have lots of things in common, and he really likes that. After they finish their work, they often spend time talking about their interests such as the History Channel, science fiction, and astronomy. Both John and Sem look forward to tutoring each week.

John thinks it’s important to reach out a helping hand to others; especially those who are younger. Sem’s response to John’s comment about helping the younger generation says it all:  “We are the future. If we’re not good, it’s going to be bad.”

School on Wheels of Massachusetts recruits, trains, and supports community volunteers to provide one-on-one tutoring for children in Kindergarten through grade 12 living in temporary homes such as family shelters, motels and transitional apartments. To provide stability and consistency, the tutor meets with the same child each week to reinforce grade level learning skills, work on school projects, and help boost the student's self-esteem.

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