When We Moved to the Shelter

It is really different living at the shelter with my family.  I was used to walking to my friend’s house in Quincy to play with her, but I can’t anymore because we moved far away.  Instead, I walk outside to the playground to play on the swing at the shelter.

I was sad when school started because I couldn’t see my friend Emily, she lives in Quincy too.  I was mad because I couldn’t see my nana after school when I moved to the shelter. Now I see my nana on the weekends and I play on her computer.  We watch family movies together and laugh.

The shelter is fun because I can meet new people and make new friends. They have lots of people living there.  I made a friend named Mariah.  She is really fun and fantastic because we like to play the same games.  But Mariah moved so I now have two new friends named Melissa and Sam, they’re fun.  And that’s how it is different living at the shelter.

                         -by Ashley,  4th Grade
School on Wheels of Massachusetts is the proud sponsor of two writing contests annually: one in the fall and one in the spring. All of our students, kindergarten through 12th grade, are provided with a beautiful writing folder, including all of the information pertaining to the contest. The tutors have access to a writing guide, specifically designed for School on Wheels tutors, to assist their students through the writing process. Each site also has a wealth of writing resources available to help inspire our students' writing. Every student who submits an entry receives a medal for their efforts. In addition to the medals, the winners of the contest receive the honor of having their stories published on our website.

"I decided to develop the writing contest as a way for students to find their voice and express themselves. Many students have a negative attitude toward writing because they are only writing for school assignments and tests. By allowing students the opportunity to write what they want and be creative, my hope is that we will be able to change their attitude towards writing." - Jacquelyn Hylton, Education Director of SOWMA

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