All of the School on Wheels' tutoring sites differ greatly in layout, design, and family composition. The majority of School on Wheels' services are offered in family shelters, also called students' temporary homes. Some of the family shelters are located in renovated 3-story houses, senior centers, and recreation centers. Many of our shelters require tutors to sign in upon arrival. At all sites, School on Wheels' badges are worn to inform staff and residents of our purpose in the shelter.

Dorm in ShelterAs you may be walking through the family's shared living rooms or kitchens, it is important to be respectful and polite to all residents and to make your way quickly and quietly to the tutoring room, a communal location within the shelter that has been allocated for student learning. Several of our tutoring spaces are located in between family rooms, or units. It is not uncommon for shelter residents to pass through the tutoring space while you are tutoring. Additionally, it is not unusual for children of different ages to enter the tutoring space, sometimes without a parent. Thus, occasionally the tutoring space may be noisy or busy with traffic. As a tutor, your focus is on your students' social and academic growth during tutor time. We provide them support and consistency to help them reach their goals. Each site is supervised by a School on Wheels Site Coordinator. School on Wheels' Site Coordinators set up and clean up the tutor spaces, enroll new students, and manage the program partner and parent relationships. If you ever have questions or concerns about your experiences tutoring, please inform your Site Coordinator right away!

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