Help students with letter recognition, distinguishing vowels from consonants, and learning the sounds of the English alphabet. 

Assist your student in recognizing and building rhyming words. Help students identify language patterns on the page. 

Teach students how to group, to create parts equaling a whole, and to identify properties of divisibility. 

Multiplication Flash Cards

Teach students multiplication, how to add quickly and efficiently with knowledge of multiples, and to look for patterns in the addition and subtraction of a set number.

Subtraction Flash Cards

Basic subtraction skills are necessary in life. Help students understands number relations and how to use subtraction in everyday life. 

Addition Flash Cards

Basic addition skills require a handle on numeracy and numeric progression. Help students develop a mastery of the chronological order of numbers through addition. 

Numbers Flash Cards

Numeric progressions are a fundamental learning block that all students need. Most math concepts are founded on complete knowledge of our number system and the way our numbers work. 

Shapes/Colors Flash Cards

Shapes and colors recognition is an important skill for students of any age. You can assist your student in recognizing the shapes they see on the cards and match them to the shapes they see in everyday life. 

Spot It!

Spot It is a fun, fast paced game that helps students with word, shape, object recognition and matching. 

Uno Decks

UNO is a classic card game that helps students develop skills in matching, organizing and turn taking.

Regular Deck of Cards

There are over 100 card games in existence today that you could play with a regular deck. Take the opportunity to teach your student a new game or make up one together. 


Construct words as a team or individually. Boggle helps students to string together letters to make new words. 


Build words and word games without constraints. There are many ways to play this amazing word building game. You and your student get to choose. 


This strategic word game is great for wordsmiths who love a challenge. Scrabble is not only about the words you know but how you play them to earn the most points. 

Tri-Facta Math Game

Develop division and multiplication proficiency with the Tri-Facta Math game. Each player contributes a number to the math equation to make sure it’s always correct. 

Story Cubes

Everybody has a story to tell. Story cubes helps students construct stories from prior knowledge or develop new stories through fantasy and imagination, using the pictures as prompts. Great for building verbal literacy.


Tangrams help students to plan and coordinate. These shape-shifting learning tools help students to gain spatial orientation, and develop skills in planning, and matching. 


Checkers is a great planning and strategy skills development game. It also helps to teach patience, turn-taking, and anticipating/predicting others’ moves. 


Help students develop vocabulary and description words through this fun game, Hedbanz. You can work in teams or work one-to-one to solve the Hedbanz mysteries. 


Dominoes is a classic game that has fun, easy to handle manipulatives. Dominoes helps to teach counting, turn-taking and strategy. 


Chess is often a favorite for younger and older children alike. They will appreciate the challenge of learning all the new pieces and their specific moves. Chess can be taught to students of any age and can be played over the course of multiple sessions.


Mancala challenges students to count and keep track of not only their scores but also their opponent’s. Games like Mancala are played throughout Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. 

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