What does it mean to Tutor for School on Wheels? 

The tutor session is an important, special period in a SOWMA student's week. Our students could be managing circumstances of uncertainty and unpredictability. As a tutor, you are essential to creating a safe space for SOWMA students to learn and grow. The reality of tutoring is that your site may see much student turnover. Therefore, every minute with your students is a minute counted. The SOWMA Site Coordinator at each site is there to show you and the students support and help you manage any challenges that arise over the school year.

As a tutor, you are also a mentor. The enthusiasm and consistency you offer your student is the best you can provide. Despite what may be a difficult period in the child's life, every week that you show up, ready to engage, is a week that child receives another needed advantage. Tutoring often takes place within the child's temporary home, at a shelter. It's possible that at times it will be noisy, or there may be a lot of foot traffic through your learning space. At times, your student may be tired, distracted, or apprehensive. The best you can offer this child is a constant, positive presence that assures him or her that you are there to support, educate, and promote his or her needs. Remember, you are a key figure in this child's life.

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