Princesse Dumas

Volunteer Spotlight – January, 2022

Princesse came to School on Wheels to fulfill community service credits as part of her undergraduate studies at Bridgewater State University.

As a Bachelor’s of Arts candidate in Social Work, Princesse is interested in learning how the social and emotional well-being of children impacts their performance in school.

“I wholeheartedly embrace the importance of instilling curiosity and a love for learning in children at an early age,” Princesse said.

She wanted to see the many ways our community of volunteers gather to support children and youth from a social / emotional context; and found just that in our one-on-one tutoring and mentoring programs.

Last month Princesse helped us customize the books and learning tools that make up the backpacks that we distribute to some 6,000 students.

“I was super excited to get to know more about SOWMA and the programs designed to help children who don’t have much,” she said.

Thanks for choosing us, Princesse. It’s our pleasure to have you on board for kids!

There are many ways to get involved – tutor, mentor, stage a drive, donate … check it out here!