"Everything that most people in America take for granted, I struggled to find. Homelessness not only stripped me of my material possessions, it robbed me of my sense of security and stability, and replaced it with unpredictability and fear. This made it incredibly difficult to maintain a job and continue my schooling. When I was introduced to the SOWMA High School Plus program, I was given hope of a better life, one where survival was no longer a priority. Thanks to School on Wheels and Father Bill's & MainSpring I not only have a 'place to stay' but I now have a home."

—Jasmine, Massasoit Community College Student

At 18 years old, Veronica was living at the MainSpring adult shelter, working hard to finish her junior year at Brockton High. Jasmine sometimes lived out of her car, while attending classes at Massasoit Community College. Debora couch surfed between 4 different friends’ places worried about where she would live her senior year in high school. National statistics predict less than 25% of teens impacted by homelessness will graduate from high school; 93% of SOWMA’s students graduate with 83% going on to college. This is a story about three young women who are determined to put homelessness behind them through their commitment to their education, housing assistance and case management from Father Bills & MainSpring, and one-on-one support from School on Wheels staff and their college mentors.

New Books and Games
Below is a picture showing all the items we were able to order due to a marvelous donor that had over 12,000 scholastic points to donate.  This donor is a previous 5th grade teacher that had been collecting points on her classroom scholastic orders.  She has since left the school and wanted to find a way to help School on wheels.  She gave me an order form which I was able to use to select 52 books, and 11 games for our sites to use.  This was such an amazing gift. 


Despite the challenges of being homeless and living with her family in one room, Sam is determined not to let it impact her education. "If anything, she feels she needs to work harder to prove something to herself," says her tutor, Jennifer Gold. "Her academic success heightens her sense of self-worth and empowers her." Sam surpassed her required summer reading goal of 3 books, reading 8 including The Book Thief and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. 

Tutor Judy Levitt and student Rick-Stephane began their School on Wheels success story in July. Levitt began to tutor Rick-Stephane as soon as she joined School on Wheels. He is an eight-year-old third-grader with a zest for life and learning, who moved here from Haiti with his family following the 2010 earthquake.

Fall is always an exciting time at School on Wheels of Massachusetts (SOWMA), but especially this year as we opened four new tutoring sites, expanded to two new communities, and watched our number of students grow by 80 children. Last year at this time we had 120 students in kindergarten – grade 12 registered for our tutoring program; this year we have more than 200.

Justin and Andrew
Andrew Waldorf and Justin Shapiro have each been preparing to become a Bar Mitzvah for the past 8+ years. In addition to 8 years of Hebrew School and 10 months of individual tutoring, they have both selected the School on Wheels as the organization they will be working with to complete the community service component of their journey.

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