How do you make a great fundraising Race and Walk even better? If you’re the non-profit organization, School on Wheels of Massachusetts (SOWMA), you start by setting your goals higher every year. You do this because you know that every additional dollar raised translates into academic support for more children impacted by homelessness.

A heartfelt testimonial from a member of the School on Wheels of Massachusetts' Board of Directors: 

This is why, regardless of other practical considerations, I continue to support SOWMA with my time, skills, and also financially:

During February school vacation, SOWMA's Commonwealth Corps members, Sana and Stephanie, assisted our families with a homemade kaleidoscope project. 

Dear Cheryl,

I just saw a little boy getting dropped off at my children's school by a taxi cab. It brought tears to my eyes. Many other kids were being dropped off by school buses or by parents in mini vans. I hope that little boy doesn't feel any different from his peers as he goes through his school day.  If he does not feel any different now, how about when he is in middle school or high school? How do those children who are helped by SOWMA feel sitting side by side with other children in the classroom. How lucky my children are, how lucky I am, that my kids don’t know that feeling. I just wanted to call my husband to say how thankful I am and how silly our worries seem. With that comes a responsibility to help others.

John Hoagland, a former School on Wheels of Massachusetts (SOWMA) Board member, started tutoring with SOWMA in 2009.  Sem, has been working with John for the past year and a half. 

Reflecting back to April 2004, when I first started School on Wheels of Massachusetts out of my home in Easton, I could never have imagined that we would: 

• open 22 tutoring sites 
• train 1,444 community volunteer tutors 
• supply 5,657 backpacks filled with school supplies and books 
• provide customized academic services for 1,706 children grades K-12 
• and 33 students would enroll in college.

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