She Will Now Have a Place to Call Home

As we officially turn 10 on April 20th, I wanted to share how your support is changing the lives of our students. In the past 10 years we have served over 1,700 children and helped 33 students enroll in college.

I still get goose bumps each time I share a story about one of our amazing kids!

There is no way we can begin to understand what our students have endured losing their home, sometimes their families, and their entire support system. Against all odds our kids are not only surviving, they are shining their light out into the world!

I want to share the story of one of our High School Plus students, Sefora, who is currently a freshman at Massasoit Community College. We first started working with Sefora when she was a senior at Brockton High School, helping her with her college applications and financial aid forms.

This winter, we nominated Sefora for the Bridgewater Scholar program where, if accepted, she will receive a full ride scholarship.

Recently, Sefora came to the SOWMA headquarters to share her personal story of homelessness with the Framingham State University Charity Giving Class. The FSU students had come to learn more about our non-profit and how we are helping students move forward with their education. Sefora told them how she and her father lived in the MainSpring adult shelter during her senior year of high school. After leaving the shelter, a classmate told her about a woman that she could live with for a while. 

Sefora is completely on her own without any family support. Her mother died when Sefora was just a young girl in Haiti. School on Wheels staff and volunteers have become her new family. Despite her amazingly challenging childhood, as a young adult, age 18, Sefora is moving ahead with a positive attitude. She is pursuing a higher education so she can take care of herself. She has given me permission to tell her story in hopes that it might help others.

A month ago I had the honor of accompanying Sefora to her interview at Bridgewater State. She was nervous and excited at the same time. Since her interview she has been checking her mailbox every day to see if she was accepted into the program. Friday she came home from school and there was the letter she had been waiting for. With her hands shaking, she opened the letter to learn she had been accepted as a BSU Scholar and will receive a full ride scholarship this fall with housing included. She will now have a place to call home.

Sefora told me she carries her letter everywhere she goes to remind her that better days are ahead and she will achieve her dream of becoming an accountant. She is very excited about moving into her dorm room on campus next fall and making new friends at Bridgewater State University. Her ultimate dream is to get an advanced degree and open her own accounting firm someday.

On behalf of Sefora and the other students we serve, thank you for investing in their future!

With gratitude,

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